Friday, 16 December 2016

From a Different Angle 17

Wandering in the grasslands around Badplaas I took hundreds of photos, the place is a nature photographers dream. Birds, flowers, snakes, frogs, breathtaking landscapes and a zillion different types of insect. Those are all standard type photographs, but an abandoned half built house gave me the opportunity to take this, a view… from a different angle.

A discarded piece of rope, not very exciting, but the fact that it looks like the number 7 caught my attention. Another number may not have, but things seem to happen to me in sevens. On the seventh day of the seventh month I entered the Seventh South African Infantry to do basic training. That done I bought an erf, the house I built on it, became number 7 Stork Ave. I lived with a woman for 7 years before we got married, I joined the AA and remained sober, for 7 years…. the list goes on.

At Photography 101 we will  show you how to LOOK, first with your own eyes and only then through the view finder. Some people have a gift, they not only think, but also see, From a Different Angle.  I believe the two are inter-related and that in order to SEE, one first has to THINK…..from a different angle. And that is what we shall teach you way beyond just the basic skills.
This is an educational club where amateurs and professionals can join and share Techniques and Photo’s join our competitions and market your product to Magazines and Websites Developers, Locally and International. It is an educational based club hosted run and managed by:
The Mexican and Bierpens.

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Short Story.
The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief I – Angola

On line Photographic Club with a difference.

Photography 101

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