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Photography 101 - Pets and Birds Eye View

Photography 101

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Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View. A photo from the top down. Sometimes one needs a lather to get a high enough angle. This can be good candid shots but not likely to capture the essence of the Story one wants to tell. Every picture tells a story. The story is all about the essence. If you miss that you have mist the catch phrase. When recording a story of your pet you must look at the different angles to capture the soul of your pet/baby or toy. 

a Singular picture can tell a story, but that is mostly landscape, In this picture the cute puppy looks lost and defenceless. This little rascal is actually a highly intelligent wanderer with great escaping abilities. So we looking at angles to ensure the esense of the story is told in a picture.

In This Picture I tried to Capture Pardette's Free Spirit
Taking this shot from a Bird's Eye View would not include the wide expanse of her outdoor lifestyle. By no means this is a winning photograph, but surely one that will help tell in her Scrapbook to tell the people what she loves most. 

This picture the cellphone flashed failed to light up the room
Failure of equipment can sometimes lead to some amazing exposures. With a Cellphone you don't have the ability to focus on the subject and blank out the back ground, but from the right angle and with the right pose one can still get a nice enough scrapbook picture to show how royal your pussy really is. 

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