Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Box and Apartheid

The bad old Apartheid Regime of South Africa,  as the world is SO aware, everything about it was bad and had to be gotten rid of.
There was one tradition, if I may call it that, and was known as Christmas Box. This was when everyone, in the White suburbs gave a present to the service people. Mainly I remember the Dustbin Boys, the men that collected the rubbish. This time of year they would wait at the gate and people would come out and give them their year end present. It could be money, clothing or food. I see people are leaving goods out today for these men.
A few years I went to a function and the guard at the gate asked for a Christmas Box, I gave that some thought. After a minute or so I explained to him that Christmas Box was a part of the terrible Apartheid Era, and we had put all that behind us, and the Christmas Box had to go with all the other stuff, Pass Laws etc, because we were a New South Africa. He did not like that and insisted that I give him his Christmas Box as if it was his right as a Black Man to get this from me, a White Man. This was not going to happen, but he would not open the gate until he got what he thought was his due. At this point my politeness was lost and I told him to go ask Mandela and the  *^#! ANC for a Christmas Box and if he did not open the gate I would Bliksem him. So much for my Christmas spirit.
Call me strange by when you get rid of something you get rid of it completely, and don’t just keep the parts you liked. Anyhow the New Apartheid laws, like BEE, both the President and the leader of the opposition party, Malema, calling for the death of all Whites, and the Farm Murders have made me not so kindly disposed to the average Black man I see on the street.

That is not racist, it falls squarely under SELF PRESERVATION.

Merry Xmas South Africa.

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