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Trevor Noah vs Tomi Lahren -

Trevor Noah Interviews his CRUSH

Black Lives Matter - The Truth  

Trevor Noah made us believe we are a country healing with his comical material about his life as a X Breed in Apartheid South Africa. He made millions out of his material Day Walker.

Trevor Noah (born 20 February 1984)[1] is a South African comedian, television and radio host and actor.[2] He currently hosts The Daily Show, a late-night television talk show on Comedy Central.

I was a wicked fan of Trevor because he could make us laugh about all the shit we had to go through during our struggle to separate ourselves from the Royal British Throne and become an independent Country not dictated by the World on our Future. Trevor was sort of the bridge to put the hatred behind us and work together on building a future for our children... but then he made the slip up and turned on his most loyal supporters.

Now Trevor has very firsthand experience on why Apartheid was enforced onto South Africa. It is that the distance between Racial Tribalism and Western Democracy was just to big a gap to bridge in one lifetime. The Coward fled after one threatening phone call that actually originated from him.
In 1992, Noah's mother was married to Ngisaveni Shingange, and while married they had two sons. She divorced him in 1996. In 2009, after she became engaged to Sfiso Khoza, Shingange shot her in the back and face, stopping when the gun jammed; she survived. When Noah later confronted him on the phone about the shooting, Shingange threatened his life, prompting Noah to leave Johannesburg for Los Angeles.[22][40][41] 

Trever Noah was the first person of colour to part take in the White Chicken Run. Anyway now he is going up against a lady and does pretty much the same one of his many step fathers did to his mother. He ridiculed her over her personal views on political correctness.

Maybe Tommy Sotomayor is right. There is some romance between the two, but way dancing with racial tension when you can have it at candle light dinner ... Oh ... yes I forgot. It is a cultural thing. Apartheid stripped him of his manhood to court a lady.  Well Trevor you have lost one well educated white supporter in your rantings against Apartheid. It has nothing to do with us that you have failed as a comedian. You cant blame it on Apartheid. 

    Bierpens Viviers

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