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Black Pride vs White Pride

Hell no man, I cannot write a post title like that!  It is SOO not Politically Correct. Ok, then let’s look at it this way, and compare two tribes, that should be alright, yes? I grow tired of that Pedi, Malema’s diatribe against white people, and their culture.

Considering my linage comes from a tribal system, just they call them Clans not tribes,  and arrived in South Africa at the same time as another tribe, the Xhosa, (Pedi in the narrowest sense, refers more to a political unit than to a cultural one) that should make a good study.

So now we have Xhosa Pride vs Scottish Pride.

The first problem is that the one tribe kept written records and the other did not. Anyhow it seems both were fighting everyone and everything around them. The Scotsmen Clans had got over killing each other and united in to one big tribe, Scotsmen or Scots if you will. The Xhosa also banded a few tribes together and formed their tribe. Both migrated, the Scots went everywhere in the world, some to South Africa. The Xhosa traveled south from the Great Lakes in Africa and also ended up in South Africa. Here they did not make friends.

The Scots were aligned with a much bigger group, the British, many of them becoming soldiers, which threw them into direct conflict with the Xhosa. The conflict took place in the Eastern Cape, and for 20 years, the Xhosa and the British clashed. My ancestors were involved in that. Lieutenant General Sir John Jarvis Bisset arrived in South Africa as a child in 1820 and, having been commissioned as an ensign in the Cape Mounted Riflemen in 1835, fought in the 6th, 7th and 8th Frontier wars. He became Commanding officer of his regiment and went on to be acting Governor of Natal in 1865. He also became colonel of the 106th Regiment of Foot.

Written history says  the Xhosa were crossing the river, stealing, murdering and raping the white settlers. Now I know that history is written by the victors but I tend to think this is true. Why? I see the same people are now doing exactly the same thing to the white farmers today, right now.  Farm Murders which that Pedi is actively and publically encouraging.

So much for the early history of these two tribes, now let’s take a look at what each tribe was doing during this period.

As I say, one tribe did not write so very little is on paper of what they were up to. They are recorded as displacing the original Khoisan hunter gatherers of Southern Africa and getting into fights with the other large tribe here in South Africa; the Zulu. We have to rely on physical evidence of any great inventions, innovations or deeds they accomplished.
There are NONE.

Meanwhile, the Scotsman, those that remained in their land of origin were pretty busy. The evidence both written an physical is vast. The names of many are now famous: James Watt, Alexandra Bell, John Dunlop and James Young, to mention just a few.  Here are some of the things they invented.
Bicycles, the telephone, the metal detector, hydrofoils, antibiotics, the vacuum flask, pneumatic tyres…. the list is too long to look up and put here, but I feel I have made my point.

Now if I am to jump on this new trend of racial pride, that is sweeping the world, I do believe that I can be proud of my linage and my race, which just happens to be… white.

Modern Day
Well in the long run the Xhosa won the war and now, under the ANC, (The ANC is a Xhosa based organization.)  basically rule South Africa, and the last 20 years show how bloody well they do that!

You can check out what modern inventions South Africa is famous for and by the surnames of the inventors decided what linage they come from. Not surprisingly there are a lot of names that originate in…. Scotland.

I do believe that I can safely have some Scottish Pride.

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