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St Lucia Estuary - Mapping the Facts

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Andrew Zaloumis and The Estuary

| Andrew Zaloumis | Safe The Estuary |

This video is from the Youtube channel under the banner logo of iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Andrew Zaloumis do not allow any broadcast over National TV if he did not see it

So this is considered as the Voice of Andrew Zaloumis.

World Heritage Proclamation 15 December 1999

Listing Conflicting Facts
  • 1:56 This public broadcaster say that sometimes this is a wonderworld and sometimes it is just a bowl of dust. Well this only has been dust twice since 2000. No previous references of the lake drying up completely ...Worst drought in 65 years he says.  
  • 1:59 Andrew refrence to Catalina bay in the second World War. 1939 - 1945. Sugar Cane farming started about 1913 and the flats was turned dry by 1938. Dredging started in 1953. So according to Andrew Zaloumis from 1953 to 2010 a concession boat could traverse over the bay. Now the Estuary has run dry.
    Question is sea water not less toxic to marine life than sand? 
    I mean look at all the death. Look at the death and destruction on time line 4:19.
    Remember Andrew in 2000 and 2007 you personally commanded that the life giving link between the Estuary and the ocean must be cut of. 
  • 3:51 a Very influential Scientist is explaining how toxic water can get if it is to salty. 35/1000 is ocean water and 90/1000 is toxic to most marine life. Yet we see in 4:19 that sand is more toxic than Sea Water, 
Fact is Andrew one can dilute 90/1000 parts of salt with fresh ocean water, but you cannot dilute sand with wind and hope marine life will prevail.

This is currently all I can lift out ... my brain is frying between the time lines.

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