Monday, 16 January 2017

Munchausen’s Box

I never knew or had even heard of Munchausen syndrome by proxy as a young child, hell, I did not even know the meaning of proxy. However I saw my mother trying to pull this stunt on me. Later as an adult I learned and read more about it, but until the other night, had never thought about parents passing on mental disorders to their children in this way.
To continue with the theory of boxes, my next observation is; people are not content with putting only themselves in boxes and the first victims of this boxed syndrome are their children.
The thought came to me as a newly diagnosed man and his wife were discussing, at length, his affliction. As usual they were putting themselves both in boxes, he in his Bi-Polar one and his wife in the Little Nurse one. Then the wife went on to say, within the hearing of her 12 year old daughter, “Peggy, has not got Bi-Polar yet, but when she gets older she will.” Just like that! Now not only have the parents decided that the child is sick, and believe me when she gets older a doctor will be only too happy to “confirm” this for them, but the child is already programmed to follow this destiny.
I sat and listened to this conversation absolutely horrified.
Now already I have taken a lot of flak from other articles I have written about my opinion on this Bi-Polar thing. I have no qualifications to state that it does not exist, and indeed, believe that some people may have a disease that fits the description the medical profession has stated as fact,  I also believe that they would be a minuscule percentage   of the people walking around that are totally sure that they are ill.
This conclusion is made by observation and then actually using my brain to think and question and not just accept. The first clue I got that Bi-Polar was a Munchausen Box was; after attending an AA Group for 6 years, every week, once a week, one of the regular members caught Bi-Polar. Within one year 90+% of that group also had it! I eventually left that group and later the AA because the meeting became a forum of what drugs to take for Bi-Polar more that how to fix oneself in order to break the problem with alcohol. Bi-Polar has spread like wildfire though the AA, every now and then I attend a group, and find the same problem, from Masina to Cape Town.
By these observations one can see that this “disease” is spread like a virus, only it is carried by the power of the word not a gogga.

Final observation.
In the discussion the man was listing all his symptoms of this sickness that he believes he has. Ranging from losing his temper, to slipping into black holes, insomnia and depression and a host of other nasty things. I thought that he was talking about me 16 years ago!
Just I got put into a box called Alcoholism.
Final Question
How much money are the big pharmaceutical companies making out of this con?

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