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Bierpens Stark Raving Mad?

Andrew Zaloumis

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Bierpens is Furious 

Bullies and other Trolls 

No one cares about the legacy of a humble person. It is the Psycho Paths and Skitsofrenis that ends up in History Books. The thing is every person want to leave a legacy, maybe that is true. I was brought up in a humble home where we were taught that all humans are equal and that all business ventures must give people equal opportunities. Or maybe I missed on of the memo's or family meetings. Maybe I spend to much time with my dear old Grandmother. 

One thing life taught me is stop investigating at some point. Stop learning. Only God is all knowing. If you want to fit in you must accept to be a sheep. Well somewhere someone broke the kill switch. Was it the Metrics of 1979 that bullied a cripple once to many times. Was it my friend that was beaten to a pulp by his sisters boyfriend and the fact that I was forced to watch it happen. The guilt that followed later when he succumbed on a terminal brain tumor. 

Who knows what tripped my switch. The fact that it is broken does not make life any easier for me. It means I have to justify all my actions against bullies very calculatively. The line between act of crime and justice is very thin. Especially when your switch is broken. Being Calculated comes with it's own draw backs. One always holds back on the last punch and one never sucker punch one's opponent, Fact is Andrew Zaloumis challenged me on a public meeting in person back in 1995.  

From a position of power I never cared much for his challenge. Humble was the credo. The strong will never step on the poor or the weak. We will always leave a place for the less fortunate earn a living. This is one thing Andrew Zaloumis has lost in his struggle against Apartheid. Over the past 16 years he has challenged the White Families on every corner and visit to The Wetland Park. I have no problem with this. In essence I am against Hebraism. Now in essence what Andrew Zaloumis is doing with The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, which was left to us all by Nollie Zaloumis, George Hughes and Ian Player, is not in the best interest of all South Africans. 

Over the past 16 years he has alienated traditional Zulu Crafters from their legacy and customer base. If one reads the history books it is not what the Big Three has anticipated. They builded a World Renowned Park integrating White Apartheid and Zulu Culture. This is a legacy no other person could achieve. They have build a management Structure in Natal Parks Board that successfully managed all aspects of the sensitive and fragile ecosystem and the needs of so many people from so many walks of live. 

Andrew Zaloumis has destroyed this. Yes I can proof it in a court of law, but since we have freedom of speech in South Africa I don't need to. Already engaged with Andrew in two legal battles I am sure a third one will be not only a waste of taxpayers money, but also be over playing his legal hand. Yet I wont mind the publicity Mass Media will give my cause in this matter should Andrew pursue another legal battle against me, See the problem is Andrew Zaloumis is now a public figure and we can write about him as long as it is vaguely true. 

Since my integrity is at stake I won't gossip about all the rumors surround Andrew. He has a Wife and Children. This is the main reason why I was holding back for so long before I started in this war of words and mayhem to expose him for who he really is. Out of respect for his children and his right to be a father, but Andrew is Apathetic and keeps on going like a one man wrecking ball. Well this has tripped my switch that I came out of my corner swinging .... 

Andrew Zaloumis never filed for an Application to drive on the beaches. With hindsight the Application would have failed, but those acts where only casted in stone by Martinus van Schalkwyk in 2006. So by way of deduction he never intended to file an Application to drive on the beaches. 

Andrew closed the Estuary Mouth Mechanically in 2000, 2007 and in 2016 with a high court court case that he reversed engineered. Very cunning I must say, but very shrewd and disrespectful to the presiding Judge, 

Andrew Zaloumis received management over The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park on 15 December 1999. This move he already planned in 1996. Thanks to Gerrie Swan, Town Clerk St Lucia Town Board at the time, Andrew moved in and destroyed a very fragile economy impacting most on Zulu Crafters. 

The most important fact is that The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park received a Grant in 2000 from the World Bank in the amount of US $9 500 000.00. to repair the damage to St Lucia Estuary. By 2012 The Estuary was declared dead. The iSimangaliso Wetlands Park Authority received another 7.5 million Euros to do the same job again in 2013. In 2016 Andrew was broadcast by Kwela on Kyk Net that the Estuary will be open by October 2016. Not only was this a lie Andrew told us in 2014 he is starting a management plan that will link the Estuary to The Ocean

Now this is where it is getting interesting .... See this Report ... Well for those who do the effort in cross referencing my facts will see that you cannot get the report through normal browsing, but yeah Bierpens is not a average user. Well one does not need a Russian Hacker to open a catch all on domains. One only needs to understand the workings of Google's Algorithms. Any way the point I am trying to make is that The Fact Is In 2014 The iSimangaliso Wetlands Park had 1/4 of a Billion Rands in Cash Grants to their disposal to make The Management Plan Work. We now know it would only have been about R75 000 000.00 which was already donated ... sorry a honest Dyslexic mistake... Granted ... that is the Verbally Correct English Word. 

The Fact is Mike Bower ... It is FREE MONEY ... How ever you look at the Park is Run and Built and Maintained on Free Money. If I defend myself against The iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority it comes from the food on my childrens table. So see Mike when Andrew takes a legal swing at me it impacts on the health of my children and their well being in general. It does not happen with free money. 

Now that we have cleared the air regarding this matter. Andrew has restricted us, The Public, from Kob Fishing, Park Rules they call it. Well those sacred Kobs died. If we look at the above facts they where killed due to gross negligence. 

Let Me Explain
In 2000 Andrew Received US $9 500 000.oo 
In 2000 Andrew instructs to mechanically close the Estuary
In 2007 Andrew instructs to mechanically close the Estuary
In 2012 Andrew was told the Estuary had died
In 2013 Andrew receives 7.5 Million Euros
In 2014 He had a plan. He had R250 000 000.00 Granted Cash on Hand
In 2015 The Estuary Run Dry and all the Fish Died. Everything. Even the Resident Brindle Bass 
In 2016 He made a TV Appearance where he promised the mouth will be open by October
In 2017 Andrew receives more money from The World Bank 

Andrew Zaloumis is not the right man for the job, He has killed St Lucia Estuary and it will have a huge impact on Earth Warming for generations to come. He has destroyed the legacy that got us World Heritage Status in the First Place.

Now you can help Remove Andrew Zaloumis from office....  
Or You can Help us force UNESCO to do their Job  ...

The choice is yours. 

Thank You

Yours Sincerely 

Bierpens Viviers

To Come on Bierpens 
Intellectual Property and Thieves.
Domain Names, Ownership and Catch All Emails.

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