Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A Dangerous Encounter cont.

Shanti has taken to phoning me every day, I divide the situation, or potential situation into two modes. One is the “can’t” mode; this is where she tells me all the reasons why she and I cannot have an affair. The other is the “has to” mode; here she does not say that we might, or she would like to, she gives a whole bunch of reasons why it is imperative that we have an affair. Amongst all the chaos at the Backpackers with Jaco and his drama, never underestimate The Mexican Horse Thief ability to make his own chaos, quietly and discreetly so no-one else knows. The situation with Jaco and his woman, and then he and Anthony have repercussions, some people that were booked in for a few days leave after one.
One night Gordon picked me up in order to go to and art opening, yes, Shanti would be there, we left Jaco playing Mafia Wars.  Gordon tells me Shanti has told our friend Johan that she just wants to make “wild passionate, animal love to me”, he asks me what is happening. I truthfully tell him I do not know, flying by the seat of my pants. I asked Gordon what Johan said, he tells me Johan told Shanti to “Go for it.” I spend the evening talking to Shanti. By now the whole art crowd is aware that something is up, although Rupert seems oblivious, or just does not care.
A few days later Shanti asks me for a date.  Shanti sends me an SMS that she will be late; 5pm is the new time set. I am on a mission; I will succeed and leave this place behind me, but Shanti is a complication a very pretty one but a complication none the less. Shanti arrives in Rupert’s car. We are …uncomfortable with each other, or is it just me. We go to a restaurant; before we walk in she says how happy she is with Rupert and I am wondering if this is true, why is she here, right now, with me?  She gets a phone call, I wait. I then ask before we walk in I ask if is she going to tell me something that will make me unhappy. She says no. Nice restaurant, but we are not talking as before. Again is it just me. I give her a hug in the parking lot. It is awkward. We get back to Sunnyside. I get out; I lean in the car window and tell her there is so much I wish to say, she replies “I know.” This is bullshit, I do not like it, I tell her this.
I believe that this is the end of this… complication, not so. The next day Shanti has sent me a message, “ I like you. You make me feel alive and you are sexy. Many things I wished to say to you but could not cause would feel like I am cheating.” I tell myself, “No good will come of this Mexican.” But she is a very attractive young woman and the temptation is too much. I make it through the day with no serious disasters then a 12pm I get an SMS. “Are you awake?” Shanti. I send one back that indeed I am. Shanti phones me immediately. Long story short, she says, that she is addicted to me, she wants to just hire a room. She is a very straight forward girl! Eish. She tells me she fantasizes about me, lots of stuff.  She just can’t say goodbye. She is still in Jo’burg but has plan, when back in Pretoria, to see me before work. Finally she says, “I love you”

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