Monday, 16 January 2017

Rhino Wars - Cloak and Dagger Shit

Apparently this is shit story books are written about. Movies are made about and conspiracy theories are written about. Well then it is time to tell some fictional stories with a nonfiction twist to it. Maybe some people are scared to tell the truth. Maybe some people are stupid enough.

It all started back in 1652... You bet your arse it did. The first poachers that came to Africa where white people. How does this fit into the greater scheme of things? Well you can't have a major smuggling route run through South Africa's best Military force training grounds without the security forces not knowing about it.

I mean between Characters Creek and Fanies Island was a military base. At Hell's Gate was a Military Base. The Beaches at Banga Neck was Military training ground. Black Rock was a Police Special Forces Base. Border Patrol during the Apartheid years where at an all-time high. How can it be possible that the heart of a smuggling route run right through this area taking Rhino Horn and Ivory to Mozambique and bring weapons and explosives back to South Africa to bomb Restaurants and Post offices all around the country where school children visited after school.

If we believe that this is the route where all this weapons of mass destruction entered through we have no faith in The National Parties Military. This is something I actually do have. a Lot of faith. What I know of personal experience is the smuggling that took place during my National Service or Conscripting years around 1985. This was purely mid class officer's building a little nest egg for themselves and I don't believe the whole SADF was involved in this type of organised crime.

What is very apparent today is that these routes may still be in use. Now of we all live in fear to protect our country we have a huge problem and we will pay our dues even if we are devoted Christians or not. We cannot sit back and watch rumour mongers feed on our fear of Terrorism. Americans are so afraid of it they started a war on terror and now have millions of inocent children's blood on their hands.

If you merely running a one man show and terrorise a community with fear of this black ops that you belong to you have failed your children and you are still nothing more than a terrorist. Being Bullied at school on the level I was I don't fear Bullies any more. They are a bunch of wannabes and are so shit scared of their own shadow they piss in their pants when you talk behind them. If their is one thing that I have come to realise in life it is that God and only God can decide your fate... No other man on this planet can take that away from our Creator.

Thus said I want to challenge all the cowards partaking in the slaughter of our beautiful Wild Life to sit and think. How many inocent lives have you endangered during your miserable existences? When you hear defense less people being tortured and blundered to death do you go to the toilet and yerk off.

No I did not loose my story line. I am merely trying to understand how can any fool believe that his family is out of harm's way if they are directly exposed to the terrorist that roams this country and feed on random house holds.

I am Anthony Whiteman and the truth will prevail.

Oh sorry it actually reads like this. I am another white man and the truth will prevail.

This is Bierpens calling on all South Africans not to do crime. Your family is not immune to Criminals. Die Bybel seg duidelik ... Wat Jy Saai Sal Jy Maai.

If you sow fear and Terror your Children will only Reap Fear and Terror. If that is fine with you then let Father Time Walk His Walk and we see how your future self live with it.

Thank You For Reading This.

God Bless.

Bierpens Viviers

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