Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Spanish Cat -Fait accompli

Back in Johannesburg we saw a lot of each other; she came to my house and cooked me my first paella. At this time I was writing my Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief by hand. Maria had a laptop that she said I could use. The only problem was that it spoke Spanish. Maria wrote down the Spanish and English words that I needed, like Delete etc.
What was to become the first chapter of the “Chronicles of a Mexican Horse Thief I – Angola” were typed on this foreign computer (later I purchased a computer second-hand from Nigel at work).
Our weird relationship continued. I even gave Maria a lift to the airport when she flew to Britain to visit Corrine and then to Spain to see her folks. She was to spend two weeks in the UK and then go on to Spain. Exactly two weeks after she left, I was surprise to get a call from Maria. She had just landed in Spain and HAD to call me. Oh yes … this one was in the bag. I collected her from the airport later that month and got my first real kiss from the Spaniard. Oh yes, and some Spanish delicacies and TurrĂ³n – Spanish Almond Candy.
I was still getting dual signals, though; how much she loved this Corinne character and how horrible he was to her. Eventually I got sick of the game. Things came to a head one night at Sheila’s, and in my driveway I told her off, I said I did not deserve this treatment, bye. That was a Friday. On the Monday evening she called to say she had to see me. I told her I had an AA meeting at eight, so no go. She pleaded that she just needed to see me for a short while and predictably – I am a softy – I agreed. She must have been half-way to my place already, as she arrived shortly after that. The meeting was a bit strained and I think she felt a bit out, being in my territory, but after a big hug and a kiss she convinced me to miss the meeting and go out to supper with her instead. I had not missed a “home” meeting in three years. We went to a local Italian restaurant where she had a couple of stiff drinks and was chatting nine to the dozen about all sorts of shit, but not about Corinne for a change. By nine o’clock we were back at my place. She asked for some soft music and lit a couple of my candles. Then she told me that I was a wonderful man and that she had to have me. Two years after I had seen Evonne taking off her clothes in my lounge, Maria did the same.

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