Saturday, 21 January 2017

Facebook Cat Photo

I first received this warning a few years back and was in a quandary as what to do!
It is well known that I do not care much for domestic cats at all, never mind these pathetic “cute” photos that people post all the time. So I did a little research on how Facebook monitors my activity. It would seem it is not humans that do this, something called Bots is checking up on me! Never mind, these Bots are not that sharp, they have trouble in recognizing images for one thing. They also read any script attached to the photo and the file. My problem was solved! I began posting photographs of very sexy women, and just called them …. Cats. With a capital C, always. Seems Bots are not the only stupid things on the internet though. Some people fail to see the difference between a cat and MY Cats.
Sample of some Cat photographs I have posted.

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