Friday, 23 September 2016

White Genocide – Break the pattern

scorp-section-eight-logoI have been thinking… hey, sometimes it is not a bad thing. My thoughts are running along what we each can DO individually and then as a group/s to break the genocide pattern that is forming/has formed. As it is firstly a psychological build up and then turns into a full blown physical one, perhaps we should start there?

My first thought here is that we must start considering ourselves as TARGETS not  VICTIMS. There is a huge difference, huge. The “group mentality” at present shows that it has a victim’s mentality, posts of bloodied Boers have captions that read, “ The victim….” Hell no! I refuse point blank to be a victim; victims are helpless, beaten and vulnerable and encourage more violence towards people like themselves. Targets on the other hand, know they are hunted but have a choice , fight or flee. The only rule is to survive the attack, the ONLY rule is to survive the attack. Then decide what you can do about it, slide into “victim” mode or fight.

That is our first job in this war of genocide, break the victim syndrome, it will destroy a large part of the whole psychological conditions our enemy NEEDS to carry out the diabolical plans they have.
Please think about this in your future posts on the internet. YOU are a target, NOT a victim. For the people that support us overseas, please just continue to let the world know about what is happening. Da nada!

Original posted on ONE MAN'S OPINION.

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