Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fees Must Fall. Who will pay

Student Unrest
Fees Must Fall

Looking at the problem one wonders why is the struggle not taken to the Authorities. The Law makers. The Treasury.

Looking at this photo it is clear these people is angry. Yeah right they have the right to be angry. People are misappropriating funds and drive expensive cars while their votes s are cold and hungry.

This unlocks the question if these students do deserve the right to education?

Do these people deserve the right... No wait ... Do they have the intellectual capacity to study. Even an idiot knows that this building they pelting stones at has no ability to pay for their education.

It would have made more sense if they where throwing stones at an ATM. At least an ATM is associated with dispensing money.

No really these people won't get through an Interview irrespective of the degree they own.

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