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Who owns South Africa

Black or White

Actually, the name "African" was a Roman name first used to describe the Gallic Numidians who were indigenous to the north-western region of what was then called the continent of Libya. Many "Boers" have Gallic blood, mainly from Hugenots whose ancestors spent about 700 years in Europe, or from Irish whose ancestors spent about 1800 years in Europe. So these descendants of Sphax and Gal are actually more "African" the the racist Negroid person who wrote this graffiti.

 In fact, Gaddafi recommended that this fact would be used by the Gallic Europeans to reclaim their homeland and begged the rest of the "winds of change" "leaders" to change the name of the continent back to Libya, during the first ever meeting of the OAU, but they voted to leave it as "Africa", despite it originally meaning "white people"!

Petrus Viviers Your knowledge is outstanding ... thanks for sharing with us...

Patrick Jolly Petrus Viviers , it's apparently all I'm good for, teaching  Getting too old for anything else! That said, this post was in my APL 101 course at Unisa - not directly but as part of my recommended reading. The OAU, which later became the AU, speeches etc. were all available to be read back then.

Wayne Bisset So as as a Scotsman, I own Africa!

Patrick Jolly  if we claim land based on our ancestry, and as long as your Scottish ancestry is Gallic and not Pict, Nordic or Jute, then yes, around 40% of Scots have Scotty Gaul bloodline (African Genome) and, as an ethnicity, originated in Numidia.
Patrick Jolly Please note, "Numidia" and not "Nubia" which was on the east of the Libyan continent and below the Sahara ... in fact, south of Ethiopia.

Wayne Bisset I have photographic proof who actually was here first, hell, I even visited their homes!

Patrick Jolly Eh, 1. you're talking about eastern Southern Africa and 2. the San Bushmen were the first permanent settlers since the last ice age but "white" North Africans (Ethnic Gauls and Ethnic Phoenicians) were circumnavigating the continent at the time and they did spend entire seasons living and farming in Southern Africa before moving on when the winds were favourable. In fact, there is a theory that the Ethnic Khoi were a result of interbreeding between these early circumnavigators (pre-350 BC) and the Ethnic Bushmen. Either way, the Ethnic Bantu were still in Negroidia (Equatorial Libya) at the time ... and they still stole our name!

Wayne Bisset The Kalahari is not in the East?

Patrick Jolly If you're wondering why the circumnavigations ceased, it was after Rome won the second Punic War, after their scorched earth policy in Carthage! That's also when the first major emigration to Iberia took place.

Patrick Jolly No Wayne Bisset, the Kalahari is not "in the East" but I never said it was. Look at the period I'm talking 
about. The Bushmen migrated from East Africa to SE Africa, due to pressure from equatorial Negroid Peoples who had obtained domestic livestock from Indians, allowing them to leave the hunter-gatherer existence and, as pastoralists, begin conquering land to the south. (African Economic History 101) The Bushmen first moved south and then west but the anthropologist who first put forward the interbreeding theory had the Bushmen trading with the Phoenician-Gallic navigators in todays north eastern Botwana - bear in mind the lakes in northern botswana were meters deep back then and would have been an ideal place for the voyagers to spend their landed season. P.S. I too have visited many cave paintings, and some open air ones, of both the Bushmen and the Khoi, the main difference being the 3D versus 2D appearance!
Wayne Bisset Patrick Jolly These comment should have been made on my post about the Bushman cave near Nelspruit. ... 

Petrus Viviers I did wonder why Andrew Zouloumis run the Road to Vidal right through a dig site where we found Phoenician trading beads...

Patrick Jolly All part of the cover-up! You can tell people who are part of the big lie, whether they are aware of it or not, because they always refer to "white" people as "European" and "black" people as "African"! Two Phoenician-style vessels (also used by Gallic Africans at the time) were unearthed in Southern Africa - one up the river between Angola and Namibia, and one in an estuary on the Cape west coast - both hushed up!

All these happens on Facebook ... but we blog about it to make it available to google and for reference reading. .. On Facebook it is lost among 100's of daily wall posts ....  

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