Thursday, 22 September 2016

Zulu Tribalism - Durban Mayor

Political Suicide

This is scary... Does the ANC leadership think up this bulshit all by themselves or do they pay someone to do the thinking.

Recently a Nigerian Author wrote about the Afro Fiasco. O e think she touched on was Nigerian Tribalism and how they over came it or rather how the Nigerian Government attempt to build National Unity.

She pointed out that State Sponsored Schools in Nigeria has not only strict Hair Rules, but also the speaking of mother tongue out side of class room setting was strictly forbidden.
English was the common language and is used to create National Unity in Country divided along tribal lines.

So either the ANC is hell bend on dividing our country or they oblivious to intellect needed to create National Unity.

With all respect to the Zulu people and the Zulu language this lady is totally insane if she thinks she can run a city on this level speaking an ancient language that does not consist of a vocabulary large enough to embrace modern legislation and modern technology and terminology.

In short she is putting the Zulu language on a pedestal for total National and International embarrassment. By way of deduction ... She does not have the capacity to fill her seat.

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