Saturday, 24 September 2016

White Economy Black Myth

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White Privilege
Black Myth

Today we are 22 years into democracy. The deeper we decent the darker it becomes. Usually it took a small time business owner a smile, some good manners and they had a cheque book and savings account and some start up capital.

Today phones are Rica. Your Water can only be turned on if you are not black listed and you have a Rica phone, which you can only get when you have proof of residence which is normally a service bill. In Western Culture this is called catch 22.

Personal earnings can only be paid into a personal bank account. Which you can only get when you have a Rica Phone number and proof of residence. Now when you have all this you need your SARS number which you can only get if you not unemployed. So you need a business account. Because if you are not employed you are self employed or unemployed. This is now where it becomes tricky. White Privilege does not exclude one from this.

You have registered with SARS as self employed. You have a business account with a bank, now you cannot have a personal savings account with less than a modest R1000.00 in it. So here is where things becomes really interesting.

You need money urgently from a small investment... Say a R1000.00. They will not pay it into your Business account. It has to be into a personal account. So you need a R1000.00 you don't have to draw the R1000.00 you need.

No wonder blacks hate white economy. Just think of an old GoGo never received any formal education trying to sell her home grown produce in a public open space. For that she needs a trading permit from the local authority and all the above comes in to play.

Where did the Government dropped the ball. Somewhere someone legislated the unemployable people out of the economy. Who's fault is it.

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