Sunday, 25 September 2016

Julius Planning Migration Back to Africa

No White Blame
Black Myth
Land Claims

With all the lies and hate speech needed to fuel failing black politics people are starting to believe themselves and others. In this choir of white noise one wonders when he will start spreading this bullshit in his mother tongue.

Julius your ancestors run away from Central Africa. You are more than welcome to take your request back to your homeland and see how successful you are amongst blood thirsty tribes.

Here in South Africa you will unfortunately have to respect the path your ancestors chose for you. If they got the raw end of the deal it means you seed to White Privilege's. 400 or so men woman and children carved the future of the white man into the soil of Africa.

Live with it or suffer the consequences. It is high time we address the blood thirsty power hungry violence mongers that fight their battles from behind the luxury of white Privilege speaking with the tongue of the so called oppressor.

I am sorry, but you have to speak out against violent crime or it means you condone it with your trivial hate speech comments.

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