Friday, 16 September 2016

Gratification - Money vs Wisdom (Prof JJ)

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Unrest 2016
South Africa
Education in Turmoil

a Wise man from The Western Capital of the World, The USA, Once Told me if you want to follow fowl play you need to trace the trail of money.

Now by no means I want to implicate Prof JJ in Political fowl play, but one must applaud his ability to seize opportunity.

Yeas we in dire need of leadership and up to a point he showed much ability to lead a multiracial society when student's had inoguration practices that stepped over racial boundaries. 

What is very hurtful is the absence of prof JJ ever since students started deficating all over statues. I mean this is when true leadership was required. Even with the Afro controversy he shined in his absence. Not to talk about the burning of a library.

So my question is who is going to benefit financially from the writing of this book. Yeah we know who is doing the work. The question is where does the proceeds go?

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