Friday, 23 September 2016

Black Conspiracy - Stupid Black People

No White Blame
Conspiracy 101
Hunger Games Africa

It is clear the ANC has a hidden agenda when it comes to education. Black people are stupid enough to burn valuable resources, but claim to have the human right to education.

This lack of resources is once again blamed on White People who apparently conspiring to keep Black People Stupid and Educated.

Yet the Government control all the funds and even threatened to close University's down for up to a year if the black people don't stop protesting. Yet we, the white people, think that no one can be that stupid to think that their will be any institutions left after 6 months of zero income, but 100℅ expenses.

We need education, but we need a working economy. Not cronies depleting all the resources and enslaving our South African children for generations to come through selling their labour to international bankers.

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