Sunday, 25 September 2016

Are Students Stupid

Fees Must Fall
No White Blame
Idiots 101
3rd Force South Africa

So hating white history so much has come full circle. Wonder the white hater's realise they have no alternative in place. They have not cracked the code of melting Iron or Glass from sand yet. They have not forge the wheel yet. They have not the full vocabulary to present a d├ębut album in their mother tongue, but the hate whites so much they deprive the previously disadvantage the right to higher education.

These millions of South African Rands was invested into the white haters education over many years. Pre and Post Apartheid. The White Haters has no back up plan in place to help the poor out of hunter gatherer mentality into the challenges of a first world country.

This entry will be seen as Apartheid denialist and racists.

But who put the fire to the library?

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