Monday, 19 September 2016

Censorship via Data Plans

South African Sensor Ship
Social Media Sensor Ship
Public Figures

South Africa is on the eve of public sensor ship via Data Plans. Thought this battle was won back in the stone ages. Now a new angle has emerged by using previously disadvantaged.

What the public figures effectively saying is that Data fees must come down to help children study. Unfortunately the same time another drive was launched to ride on National Pride.

If it does not originate from South Africa we need to pay more. Now this alone is flawed.

Mainstream educational help is on International site's. Children will be limited to South African generated content. We know this content is of extremely poor quality just by looking at National Matric Pass Rates.

So effectively this drive by Print and Radio media is not to help the previously disadvantaged, but to force South Africans to listen to their half witted stations and read their poorly compiled news summaries. Affectively cutting the poor of from much needed International Resources.

Please wake up people. Your disadvantage'ness is once more raped to capture and enslave you.

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