Tuesday, 30 August 2016

An Oath I swore

Apartheid Apologist I am not

When I was a young man one thing that haunted me at night was the dreaded two year we all had to serve. People being killed more in bases than in operations. There was no way out. We had to face it. Troepie Train, Hair Cut, Basics, Opfok's, Vasbyt, 7 Days, Border, 21 Days, Dear Johny and fear.

The worst part is that metallic taste of fear you have to live with. That bit that you experience just before you piss in your pants. That fear.

We did it for the people at home. Those who are defenceless against the Mighty Red Russian Army and those who's Leaders chose not to be part of the white man's mess.

To back the fear we made oaths. Binding to our Creator. Not the peace loving Jesus that blessed all men good or evil, but the Big Man that you ow your soul to. The one that will see you through till the end or take your life when it's due.

Many innocent blood was spilled, but none as innocent as those who lived in fear of their own. Being burned to death by tyres. Or being abducted by a Geshtapo like alien force that feeds on the fear of a living hell.

The human that inflected that hell on his own people was not Nelson Mandela who rot in a white jail, nor The legacy of H.F. Verwoerd that did not live to bring his dream full cycle, but by current President Elect, Jacob Zuma.

Yes he run the trans border torture camps while Winnie was orchestrating the Necklaces in South Africa.

Over the years I believed all this was bullshit. We where brain washed and the Communist is actually our friend.

Then happened Gupta... up until this point in time I was very apologetic towards "Previously Disadvantaged". Gave up all my earthly belongings to pay my debt to them, but that was not enough.

Called a tyre naaier by my own people and an Apartheid Apologists by the other I could not find my place. Thanks to the EFF that exposed Zuma and Guptas plans to enslave us all and our children to Russia made me realise.

My Oath to God still stand. Till death I will protect the innocent. Wether they are great full or not. An Oath is an oath.

Problematic though... we don't own the military any more then one day a dude told me the fact that I don't understood White Privilege is because I am White Privilege. At the time it was an insult. I don't want to be hated by fellow South African's.

I want to be accepted so that my children can have a save and peaceful life in the country so proudly produced for us by the combined efforts of all our ancestors. Well here is my white Privileged at work. Thuck You very much Max Du Preez... I don't need to understand my fellow South Africans.

They have the right to understand me.

Why am I privileged.

Why am I compassionate.

Because Jacob Zuma is not. He has a team of evil men and woman, black, Asian and White who help him rape our future. The future that belongs to our children.

So from now on please don't see me as an Apartheid Apologists... for I am not. No Apartheid was because of the roads our Ancestors traveled to reach this point .

The only oppressors is the Cadre's of the ANC. They ruled with fear. Created Conflict and Abducted scared helpless people to torture them just to invoke fear.

These same people are indebting our country and taxing children not yet born.

My oath to God was for the innocent. Those who could not defend themselves. I will keep my oath dear Lord. I will fight for peace and prosperity of all South Africans.

May Our Combined Ancestral knowledge give us the wisdom to find common ground so we can feed and cloth our children.

By Petrus (Bierpens) Viviers

PS. Lady never call an old man that donated blood for your freedom... an Apartheid Apologists. But thank you for being the inspiration of my post.

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