Wednesday, 10 August 2016

House of England deviding South Africa Across Racial lines

British is at it again
10 August 2016
One can never trust a Britt. From the time off Colonialism they have been deceitful and obnoxious.
80% Of South Africa property cannot be in white hands.
- The Government is democratic elected and most land is owned by Government.
- Large portions of land is under Conservation Authorities
- Many Thousands of Hectares is Tribal owned
- Thousands of Hectares are Informal Settlements
- Thousands of Hectares are state owned Forestry
- Whites may perhaps own 10% of total land mass
- Economy is under BEE control since 2004
Why The House of England is spreading these lies that only enflames racial tension is eluding all reason.
But the people of South Africa will not cave into to this invasion of our Democracy.
By Bierpens

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