Wednesday, 10 August 2016

White Privilege Black Myth

What is White Privilege
10 August 2016

The leader of  the Democratic Alliance made head lines this week with his aim that he has to reprimand his (white wife) of her White Privilege. The understanding is that for a white person to attend varsity is a given and for a black it is a mere dream.

Well that is generalisation at its best and should be considered as stereo typing which makes it a racial comment. Many White South African families has to choose between having supper or sending their children to school on a daily basis.

At school they have to endure the pier pressure of bullies. Looking into the lunch boxes of privileged children(today mostly black) and face the wrath of teachers (from their own white race) because of their inability to concentrate due to malnutrition.

What has this got to do with Vodacom's lack of managing the stop service. Plenty. In this article of The Times a furious black male is on his way to try and opt out of Subscription services.

Well let us just put this into a BEE driven Economy perspective. The ability of mobile phone service is an extreme luxury and seen as a white privilege. Yet Vodacom is a BEE compliant company.

One wonders if low income families is exploited by Big Major International Companies? Who they blame for this abuse. What is Vodacom going to do about this explicit exploitation.

White Privilege is way over rated.


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