Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Is South Africa a Democracy

an Afrikaner's View
10 Augustus 2016

Recent National Municipal Elections held on 03 August 2016 has proofed that The South African voter is mature enough to vote in a Democracy. Voter education is still needed because of the exclusion of Minority Parties voting numbers.

Some registered voters feel that they go with the flow because their votes is insignificant in the bigger picture regarding their needs. Under the South African Constitution this is not true. Every vote for any individual and party is relevant.

The ideal voter will not necessarily vote for Party Politics, but for the integrity and honesty of an individual. Party Politics plays a greater role in the bigger picture yes, but on regional politics the ability of an individual to serve the needs of a community is much more relevant than party politics.

Only when voters are educated in the importance of their input will we have a true Democracy.

Thanks to all South Africans for bringing Democracy a full circle in South Africa. Let us keep walking the right direction to leave a peaceful Heritage for our our Children.

Proudly White South African

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