Tuesday, 23 August 2016

I_Victim a Collective Consciousness

Explaining the phrase I am a Victim
Derived from the movie title I Robot

When a collectiveness conforms amongst each other that the World has turned them into victims.

It is a serious condition because we are all exposed to the pressure of being deprived of our right of self preservation.
Manipulated and Dominated to win at all cost victory is only reserved for a privileged few.

In a race only one person can cross the finish line first. The fairness of the race is determined by a set of rules and social acceptance.

The first symptom is the urge to compete in the race
Available resources is not reviewed
Participation is a basic human right
So entry is a given

Second symptom
Is to object to one's own available resources
The utmost goal is to win the race

Third symptom
Blaming others for the lack of own resources

Join or Create a collectiveness that is sympathetical to the cause. Adjust the boundaries to include all possible mind frames. Irrespective of personal and combined objectives.

To Obtain this one needs a villain. With out a collective villain there is no single hero. The collectiveness will psych individuals up to mass hysteria and even use force and blood shed to create the villain.

Thus for Culture and Personal values is lost in the mass collectiveness that is fueled by hysteria.

This Mass Collectiveness creates new social norms void of cultures and social structure. Only the Hero and the Villain exist. They the only objective left. Praise the Hero Destroy the villain.

By Bierpens

Ps. It applies to Black Culture as well not only White's...

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  1. When a Black Person looks for trouble... especially a white man that can defend himself ... and that person does defend himself the black person will cry ... I AM A VICTIM ... This to me is the lowest form of Cowardism that any human can portray ...


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