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No White Blame - Ritual Killings

The Brutality of Bantu Culture 

We have been living with it since the dawn of times

This is why segregation is unavoidable. These to cultures are just not compatible and land ownership has nothing to do with Cultural Dignity. If you are ashamed of your Culture and the democratically  chosen Government does not apply it's resources to explore avenues to run with community up lift ment and educational programs then the said culture will be left with out dignity. If said leaders came into power by Necklace Killings (Images not for sensitive viewers) then one can only imagine how demoralised said cultures must be. 

JOHANNESBURG – Sandile Mantsoe, who allegedly murdered and set alight his girlfriend of seven months, Karabo Mokoena, is expected to appear at the Johannesburg High Court where he is on trial.
Mantsoe (27) has already been in custody for about four months after he allegedly murdered Mokoena and buried her in a dustbin in Bramley earlier this year.
At least 124 people claim he allegedly scammed them through a Ponzi scheme.
Mantsoe denies killing Mokoena, suggesting she may have committed suicide but the state says he confessed to a police officer.
Itis believed the murder may have been a ritual killing, with Mantsoe trying to save his business.
2009 Masego Kgomo case[edit]
Masego Kgomo was a 10-year-old South African girl whose body parts were removed and sold to a sangoma in SoshanguveSouth Africa. The little girl's body was found in bushes near the Mabopane railway station, north-west of Pretoria. Thirty-year-old Brian Mangwale was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.[13]

Ritual and muti murders amongst the vha-Venda people of South Africa
This article is the outcome of an interdisciplinary research approach between anthropology and criminology. Support for this approach comes from a recognised expert in the field (Petrus, 2008). In the literature that has been cited in the article, researchers refer to culturally acceptable and culturally unacceptable 'ritual ..

PDF]Features and Investigative Implications of Muti Murder in South Africa
by G LABUSCHAGNE - ‎2004 - ‎Cited by 33 - ‎Related articles
While muti murders have occurred throughout history in South African culture, little is known about them and little research exists on the phenomenon. The term muti murder has been used inter- changeably with the term ritual or sacrificial murder, often adding to confusion in termi- nology and definitions regarding these ...

1780-1882 - Marota Empire / Bapedi Kingdom -
Oct 23, 2012 - So it is clear that, historically the Pedi were a relatively small tribe who by various means built up a considerable empire. This resulted in ... King Sekhukhune was murdered on the night of 13 August 1882 by his half-brother, Mampuru, who claimed that he was the legitimate King of the Marota. Sekhukhune ...

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