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No White Blame Campaign - #NoWhiteBlame

The No White Blame Campaign 
By Petrus Viviers 

Military Training: Yes
Time: 2 Years Conscription (Forced Military Training)

Views on Apartheid: 
I grew up in the heart of Zululand during Apartheid. I knew it existed, but was never taught, trained or convinced that it was evil. It was during a time when The Zulus had their own Police force. Botshabelo, Venda, Transkei and Ciskei their own Police and Military Forces. In my house "Hlonipa " was the Zulu Religion, whether they killed chickens to cure a cold or harvested bark from trees to make love potions. We never chuckled behind their backs or made fun of them.  Having the same respect for their Ancestors and Labola. 

Matriculated 1983
Was growing up in Government Hostels/Boarding Schools my whole life. Empangeni High School is long standing Multi Racial/Ethnic  School and even in my school career it was non privilege to attend it. Produced as many leaders as it produced scum. Was rived with sexual predators and pedophilia, much as Mtubatuba, to tubu is to fondle young girls, was during the 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010 and hopefully not beyond. 

In my days in Mtubatuba Primary school the main kids on the block used rough riders because they where durable enough to wear inside out and more than twice. Teachers would hold hands after supper during prayer breaks with Standard 5 learners (Grade 7). This is relevant so the Hubris Whites can admit they where nothing better during the 50's and 60's and 70's than any other Culture past present or future. We all go through stages of Cultural and Social Evolution. 

Founding Years
Like many other South African Families we had our humble beginnings in tented camps living of Chicken Feet, Heads and other scraps that was edible. My, absent parents, worked 16 hour shifts to earn a living wage. Their committed struggle to feed 1, 2 and then 4 children was no different than any other Zulu Family. My parents made a success not because we where born in a privilege family, but because of honest hard work and good customer service. 

Always thinking of the disadvantaged first. I soon learned that their is much more satisfaction in helping disadvantage blacks than in helping disadvantaged whites. It was always my fathers credo to help those who wanted to help themselves. Bringing affordable food to the masses. Rather making a large turn over with good service than a large profit through Government Protected Enterprises. 

No White Blame
Since the Zulu Nation was a proud Tribe Nationalism came easy to me. I soon realised we where very different and so much alike. It was easy in post Apartheid to co habitat Kwa Zulu Natal with Zulu People. I did not to copulate with a Zulu Maiden to be accepted as a resident. I only had to respect their ways and culture traditions for them to respect me. Yes they are slow scholars, but was my superior in wisdom every step of the way. Soon I realised that my Education, Coupled with Their Knowledge and the right leader to apply Wisdom we made one hell of a winning team. 

I brought Education to the Table. They Brought Knowledge and we soon found someone with Wisdom to make our Plan/Product/Service Feasible. Today this mentality is called by so many as White Monopoly or Colonialism. It saddens me and it hurts me. For the true meaning of those Words where fought by me as long as I could remember. It has no bearing on my being and Humanity. I never had a future plan for my God provided ample in equal measures all my life. 

Today we have BBBEE and EFF and BLF against us. No progress can be made for they are forever intervening with every and any plan I have to provide for me and my friends. They in Dominant Government Departments making legislation that we cannot compete with. They on the news enticing Racial Hate. They are sculpturing young minds that everything is for Free. They are against everything any Parent wishes for their Children. 

CV - Curriculum Vitae
It is very easy for me to list names credentials and phone numbers of people that will support me when I claim ... as a Family collectively and as Individual  ... We have changed the lives of many South Africans, but it will be against God's will for me to win favor like that. So I won't. 

My Oath
I made an oath during my upbringing, my conscription and under the Old and New Flag as Well as the Old and New Constitution to protect the weak and the voiceless. To fight any and all evil against my religion ass well as those of my allies. If you speak, pray or think evil you are enemy of No White Blame.

My Credo
I will rather die under the truth than live a lie.
Work Hard and Prosper 

Please Join Me
I call on all like minded South Africans to join me on my campaign in making South Africa Great Again. 

Petrus Viviers

Name Surname: ___________________________

Conscription: Yes/No 

Project Work: Yes/No

No White Blame: Yes/No

Area: __________________________

Phone/Email ____________________

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