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No White Blame - Stompie Moeketsi

Justified Killing

Apartheid Spy 

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Moeketsi joined the street uprising against apartheid in the mid-1980s at age ten, and soon took on a leading role. He became the country's youngest political detainee when he spent his 12th birthday in jail without trial. At the age of 13 he was expelled from school.[2]

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) is a centre-leftsocial-democraticSouth African political party, formed by a prominent former National Party leader, Roelf Meyer (who has since resigned from the UDM), a former African National Congress and Transkei homeland leader, General Bantu Holomisa, and a former ANC Executive Committee member, John Taylor. It has an anti-separatist, pro-diversity platform; and supports an individualist South Africa with a strong moral sense, in both social and economic senses.
Along with the much larger Democratic Alliance (DA) and other smaller parties, the UDM is currently part of governing coalitions in Nelson Mandela Bay, where it holds the position of deputy mayor, and Johannesburg.

Mr. Bantu Holomisa, MP UDM President

As the Plot thickens and the truth reveals itself as History unravels. After many years of deceit it has become apparent that Bantu Holimisa, the man that liberated Transkei and Ciskei from Independence and handed their property ownership over to "Democratic Elected" South Africa is a close Family friend of the Mandela's. Singing his praise to the most Brutal Woman to walk the surface of South Africa.

The plans for a new political organisation were introduced by Rev. Allan Boesak at a conference of the Transvaal Anti-South African Indian Council Committee (TASC) on 23 January 1983.[7] The part of his speech calling for a "united front" of "churches, civic associations, trade unions, student organizations, and sports bodies" was unplanned, but well received.[8] He also called for black people to have full participation in the government.[9] 

UDF-South Africa.png

In 1986, President Pieter Botha prohibited the UDF from receiving foreign funds.[5] The UDF was under a government ban as of February 1987 restricting its actions.[12] In May 1987, a Natal provincial Supreme Court justice, John Didcott, ruled that the ban on the UDF's ability to receive foreign funding should be lifted.[13] Foreign contributions made up more than half of the group's budget.[13]
By late 1987, the UDF had a majority of its activists imprisoned.[14]

Looking at this one one wonders where does Vytjie Mentor fits into the thick of things. The thing about history is the facts are always reveled and the truth is lying bare in front of your followers, children and grand children. 

Fact is that any and every person singing praise to the Murder Convicted Winnie Mandela needs our prayers. Their is a blemish on their souls for justifying the killing of a child and the Necklace killings that forced the Apartheid Government to surrender to anarchy and thuggery.  Apartheid rule was brutal, but so was the people they had to contain and tame. 

God sent the White man to South Africa to protect His people that was slaughtered, butchered and enslaved. His Plan is evident in the Nguni Migration and the escalating of apartheid laws as the brutality increased since the arrival of the White man  in 1652 and evil keep on migrating down from Central Africa. Fighting Evil with Evil became the norm of our recent History.

No were in my National Service training during my Conscription where I taught racial hate and supremacy. It was a Religious doctrine that was started by The Israelite Vision Movement in South Africa which had their believes founded that The Boer Volk was the 10th Tribe of the chosen one, Dawid. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant. The Covenant that God bound with Moses included everybody present that day. 

God's Covenant with Moses and David
By Emily Walker
God's Covenant with Moses
This covenant between God, Moses and the Israelites takes place when the Israelites were imprisoned in Egypt as slaves. God appears to Moses in the form of a burning bush and tells him to lead the people of Egypt and into the promised land. God then says "I will be with you; and this will be your sign that I have sent you. When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will serve God at this Mountain" (Exodus 3:12).
God promises to keep Moses and the Israelites safe if Moses leads the people out. When Moses and the Israelites reach Mount Sinai God reminds them how he has saved them and then says; "Now, if you obey me completely and keep my covenant, you will be my treasured possession among all peoples, though all the earth is mine" (Exodus 19:5).
Ratification of the Covenant
In this covenant, the 10 commandments are the ratification. The commandments symbolize the Jew law.
How does this covenant foreshadow Shadow?
Moses himself foreshadows Jesus. Moses leads the people out of their slavery and into the promised land. Similarly, Jesus frees us from sin through his death and resurrection. God gives Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai and instructs Moses to lead the people by example. In the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus gives the Beatitudes to the people during his Sermon on the Mount.
God's Invitation and My Personal Response
God invites the Israelites to be his treasured people. In doing this, he also promises to keep them safe. I believe that this invitation invites all people to have faith in God. This covenant affirms my faith in God's almighty powers.

The Davidic Covenant
Ratification of the Covenant
How does this covenant foreshadow Christ?
The prophet Samuel was told by God that one of sons of Jesse is to be the next king of Israel. All of the other brothers said it could not be them. At this time, David was out being a shepherd. Then, David defeats Goliath, and it is certain that he is to rule over Israel.
God and David make very important promises to one another. David promises to rule over the kingdom in a lawful way, and God promises an eternal kingdom and many descendents for David. David is the ony " who shall build a house for my name, and I will establish his royal throne forever" (Sam 2 7:12).
It was prophesied that the the Messiah would be born of the line of Jesse, and it happened. This is important because the incarnate of Jesus ratifies God's promise of an eternal kingdom. The incarnate of Christ is a symbol of God's words, "I will raise up your offspring after you, sprung from your loins, and I will establish his kingdom" (Sam 2 7:12).
God's Invitation and My Personal Response
God's invitation is demonstrated when he asks David to rule of Israel. To me, this means that I should always listen for God's call. Whatever I do with my life, I should always be doing for the greater glory of God.
This covenant foreshadows Christ because God offers David an eternal kingdom. Alongside that, the Messiah will be of the line of David, foreshadowing Christ's birth.
How are these covenants like my own with God?
I believe that both of the covenants I have chosen model diffierent aspects of my covenant with God. In Moses' covenant with God, Moses if questionable about how he will free the Israelites, as it was seemingly difficult for him to confront the Pharaoh on such a difficult subject. Similarly, in my life I know that somethings need to be said and/or down, that are difficult for me to do. I need to be like Moses and trust that is what I am doing is for God, then he will be right beside me. David and Moses both had significant influence on Jewish law. Moses recieved the 10 Commandents on Mount Sinai, and David, being king, enforced these laws. It is my duty as a Catholic to follow these laws and even preach them. Similar to both Moses and David, I need to listen to what God is calling me to do, and trust that he will be there for me. Trust is a very important virtue. How could David know that God really would make his kingdome eternal? Realistically, David could have doubted God's powers. But he did not. He had a strong faith and trusted that God would keep his promise. I sometimes have difficulty trusting that God will what is best for me. I am sometimes questionable why he let certain things happen. Deep down I know that all God does is for our well being, and he has a plan for everyone.
My Personal Prayer
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for gifting me with all that you have. I am sorry for all the times I have without gratitude. I am going to try my hardest to not only keep my covenant with you but everyone I make a covenant with. Please help me on this journey to never give up, even when times are difficult.

The  existence of extremist groups has no relevance on the military oath we took as Conscripts.  My Trust in God the Creator to enforce #MyOath to the people of South Africa has failed me many times due to lack of Wisdom and Education in this subject matter. I pray God to forgive me for being a Coward and not Trust in Him to ensure my protection in the execution of my duties. 

By Bierpens Viviers

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