Friday, 3 February 2017

Democracy Vs Caputalism

Are We a Democracy 

Are We Ruled by Capitalism

The Bigger The Wallet The Bigger The Rule

When a peasant uses his body as a shield

Emotionally it is very easy to get frustrated with the upper echelon of society. The upper echelon think because their monetary value is greater than yours you should heel to their whims and needs. Well it is not true. Hubarism only breeds conflict and animosity. If we do not include all people in a business plan we are breeding a environment for retaliation and revolution. No man is an Island and everyone has equal rights to resources. 

You are not a one eyed King in the land of blind minions. You are merely a sprocket in a big well oiled machinery. The machine will find a way to function without you, but you cannot function without a machine. Hubris is merely a state of mind not a social standing. Social standing is what other people think of you. It does not give you the right to dictate or manipulate them. It means they will follow you out of respect. 

Now for those who wonder who gives me the right to speak up on things surrounding the development of The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park, well it is easy. It is called sustainable utilisation of non renewable and renewable resources. It does not mean because you can  manipulate the resources that you have the right to do it. It only means you are a greedy asshole/bitch. Nothing more. The sad part if you rule with the sword you will die by the sword. If you create an economy where the strongest will feast you will soon be feasted upon. That is a fact.

    Bierpens Viviers

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