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To write about a place you have never visited is a mean challenge, especially if you don't want to only copy and paste and give alternative links and credits. So one thing that I have noticed about most tourist on my tours was they visited the Travel Sites and News Site. Currently South Africa paints a very bleak picture about our domestic politics in the news. So I figured let us see if we travel abroad if we not going to run into the same problems as tourist visiting our lovely country.

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Northwest Georgian News 

Head Line 10 February 2017

I reckon with these types of headlines one surely can relax and don't have to worry about interracial tensions. You can just relax and enjoy your holiday. So to help you book a relaxing Rome Holiday without visiting expensive BEE Travel agencies I found this easy to use online booking site that will help you plan your Itinerary. They call themselves Route Perfect. Work like nothing I have ever seen before. Hopefully I can keep my ADHD in tact and complete this mission before I attempt my next business adventure. 


This is the worst advice I am going to give anyone, but if you going to borrow the money to travel here is a few hair raising schemes. You need to take the brunt of your current Credit Card. So I found a Domestic Credit Card that you can use for the next to months to free the money on your Visa or Mastercard. Please remember to treat your Credit Cards as a loan and make sure that you don't exceed your monthly repay capabilities.

With RCS Shop shopping is made easy. Providing access to South Africa’s biggest independent shopping network of over 21 000 stores. With RCS customers get affordable monthly installments, with flexible payment options, Revolving facility, 24 or 36-month budget plans (for purchases of R600 or more) and best of all access to exclusive offers and promotions.

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