Saturday, 7 July 2018

Solution 101 - Stucky Gate


My Front Gate would not glide open anymore. One had to use brut force to open and close the Gate.

First I thought it was the Gate Motor that jammed. Before I started cutting the four anchor bolts I stopped and think. Something I hardly ever do. I am a very agitated and impulsive person. Handyman is not one of my strong traits.

The idea popped into my head like a light bulb in a low budget cartoon. I lifted the gate at the one end onto a piece of firewood. (Obtainable at 0813427371) The front wheel was stuck solid.

Recently YouTube listed a video in my suggestions of best rust solvent. And they listed Break Fluid as one of the best. All I needed was an applicator. Raiding the Doggy first aid box gave me this idea.

Voila... Problem solved..

Petrus Viviers

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