Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Mammon Chuckle

Mammon - The God Of Greed
Biblical text reference to the demi god Mammon as the money hungry entity that drives evil on earth. We all have that little devil sitting on our shoulder. Sometimes he turns is into pure evil. Sometimes we have to dance to his music just to make ends meet. No one of us can escape Mammon.

Many years ago I was personally addicted to the sound of Mammon's Piano Music. The sound of cash register on a very busy day. The only other place one can experience this addiction is in a casino. There os no other place in the world where this music is played anymore. Technology has killed the Mammon Piano in the temples of Greed. Everything today is computerised and the melody is just not the same.

Well ... Since I was forced out of retail due to World Heritage Status and the greed and mismanagement that comes with it... I had to find my kicks elsewhere. This Rooster sends the same thrill down my spine. In full fether he will fetch about R250.00 on the open market. Not bad for a mere R100.00 investment. Only 8 weeks to go.

By Petrus (BierPens) Viviers
      071 364 3104

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