Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Free Range Free Feed - Bamboo

Free Feed - Bamboo
Chickens love to eat natural food more than Commercial Feed. That makes Free Range Husbandry so affordable. Many critics say that bamboo is to hard for chicken to digest. They say chickens will only eat it wuen they really hungry. Well that is not completely true. Here at "Op Die Plaas" basically live with our fether folk and monitor their diette preferences very closely. They love the treats we introduce to them from nature more than commercial feed.

According to field studies Broilers with access to bamboo grow and gain weight quicker than Broilers and a feeding program. This is good news since bamboo is a hardy grower that also provides shade in harsh summer months and can provide green feed during the winter months. This is a great supliment to only compost.
Bamboo is a grass family and thus makes part of their natural diette. What is extra great it is a hardy plant that florish in extreme conditions.

By Petrus (BierPens) Viviers


  1. Interesting idea here Petrus. At which stage off the #BAMBOO #GrowingCycle do you harvest the bamboo, or do you just let them chickens loose in the bamboo field ?

  2. Hi Frank

    Feed them bamboo leaves at full growth. It is well documented that Bamboo leaves are fed to broilers in Asia to obtain maximum weight in 8 weeks


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