Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Farm Murders in South Africa 

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Live in South Africa
At one stage live in South Africa was for the best. Well the best for both worlds, but many black leaders will not agree with it. Some how the Traditional Leaders new they will loose control over their people if they where integrated into Western Society. For the Verwoerd era was based on principal of several sovereign states under one union, but sadly he was murdered before he could realise his Utopia. 

The law back then only benefited the white man an black leaders where to self indulgent to see through the long term plan of a strong and powerful South Africa. They played right into the hands of the slave traders and fought everyone with a reasonable solution tooth and nail just to better their little lives. Even if it means selling of all the Spoils Apartheid and selling their children and grandchildren to the highest bidder. 

This they do through buying foreign power from Russia. Sold all Eskom resources to the Guptas and so much more. From Provincial Level to the Highest level they increased their salaries so much that basic water and sanitation service deliveries could not be installed to the previously disadvantaged. They hired very expensive people to find away to through a smoke screen while they are pillaging the wealth of South Africa. 

Somehow they find a way to blame the white people while stealing from the black people. Here I created a playlist from 99 randomly selected videos from YouTube to proof my point and the facts relating to this matter. There is many more showing the scrupulous leaders that cannot even farm Cabbage successfully, but stay in power and sucking up money by enticing people to grab functional workable farms.  I call them the looser brigade. They are followed by the I_Victim brigade.

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