Thursday, 2 March 2017

Project Work

Project Work
National Inspiration

Driven by Individuals

Project Work is a self sustainable initiative driven by self motivated people. Project Work encourages people to be determined to stay focused in finding a suitable and sustainable employment for individuals, Project Work encourages the youth to get a routine and stay in the routine until the right job comes along to fit their aptitude. Work is not always gracious, but it always needs to be done. It keeps the gears of society lubricated and society functional.

Society is a socialistic structure invaded by Capitalism. Until each person finds his/her individualism there is safety and security in collectives. Socialism is a structure with in Capitalism that harbours people and act as a safety net. People are not failures. They merely products of circumstances. Only when that is changed will a person find hie/her foothold in society. With Project work we help with community gardens as a base skills development, not as much as a employment but more as a programme to keep people focused and disciplined to routine.

The ultimate goal is for collectives to produce/manufacture enough to sustain the community and help pay for schooling and education. 

By donating to project work you contribute to the greater collectivises and this place in cyber spaces is a gateway to help distribute contributions so these projects can commence.  

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Voucher Number to 0835847473
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1 comment:

  1. Yo Petrus thanx for putting the word out that this project is in place and growing, really appreciated working with you to start the Imfino Zethu project. St. Lucia does need a good herb and fresh produce shop, as nearly all the guest houses and restaurants import there herbs and fresh veggies.

    Getting the local population in Dukuduku South to Plant these culinary herbs and the fresh produce that the hospitality industry requests will be a sure fire winner.

    Looking forw3ard to getting #IMFINOZETHU working as a viable business.

    Once again it was and still is great working with you to get these projects functional and making profit in a sustainable manner.



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