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Why Ripple Has Drawn Attention

Ripple - Stocks, Shares or Crypto

Ripple is very complex to understand. Seems like Ripple needed cash and decided to go Crypto Currency Route and not Share Certificates. Critics explain Ripple as a centralized crypto currency. 

Yet Ripple does not full fill the role of  a Crypto Currency at the moment. Ripple is a Technology that far surpasses Block Chains and the function of Crypto Currencies. Seems like Ripple aims to improve the function of Swift, the International Code that links Banks from around the World. It would be great if Ripple lands a Swift contract for it looks like Swift was slow out of the starting blocks with the new technology.   

So what is Ripple?
Ripple is a privately owned Crypto Currency Network to assist in cross border payments and speed it up, but ripple is  more than just a currency. Ripple is actually a technology based on three tools. 
  1. xCurrent, 
  2. xRapid, 
  3. XVia 
Ripple Public rather talk about tokens than coins. 
Ripple Public are more interested in investing in Ripple than trading of Tokens.

Why did Ripple Lock up Tokens in Escrow Account?
All the Ripple tokens that will ever be in existence has been released and is the hands of the Company Owners/Founders. This does not create and artificial shortage, but rather an over offering. To increase Ripples Value the volume had to be reduced. So 55 Billion Tokens has been locked up for 5 years, since May 2017, in an Escrow account. 

History of Ripple
Ripplepay, was first developed in 2004 by Ryan Fugger. That is 4 years before Bitcoin was conceived. This lead to Ripple Pay in 2005. In 2011 Ripple, under the hands of Jed McCaleb of eDonkey created a new crypto currency. eDonkey dates back to 2000 and was well of the World'd most used file sharing platforms and still stands second to BitTorrent today in the world of File Sharing. 

Ripple started it's life with investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures. Open Coin was incorporated  with Ripple under XRP in 2013 after The partnership between ZipZap and Ripple was called a threat to Western Union. Ripple Labs also introduced Bitcoin Bridge. The ability for any Currency to be converted to Bitcoin. (Do You Wonder why Ripple is the bench mark and Not Bitcoin?)  .

  • The first bank to use Ripple was Fidor Bank in Munic
  • September 2014 the New Jersey-based Cross River Bank and Kansas-based CBW Bank announced they would be using the Ripple protocol. 
  • December 2014 Ripple Labs began working with global payments service Earthport, combining Ripple's software with Earthport's payment services system. Earthport's clients include banks such as Bank of America and HSBC, and it operates in 65 countries.
  • April 2015, it was announced that Western Union was planning to "experiment" with Ripple
  • In late May 2015, Commonwealth Bank of Australiaannounced it would be experimenting with Ripple
Partnership Publicly KnowAccenture[54] • Akbank[55] • American Express[56] • ATB Financial[57] • Axis Bank[55] • Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)[55] • BMO Financial Group[58] • Cambridge Global Payments[55] • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)[57] • CBW Bank[3] • CGI Group[59] • Cross River Bank[3] • Davis + Henderson (D+H)[60] • Deloitte[61] • Earthport[41] • Expertus[62] • eZforex[55] • Fidor Bank[40] • Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG)[55] • Mizuho Financial Group (MHFG)[58] • National Australia Bank (NAB)[58] • National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)[57] • ReiseBank[57] • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)[58] • Santander[63] • SBI Holdings[64] • SBI Remit[55] • Shanghai Huarui Bank (SHRB)[58] • Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)[58] • Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB)[55] • Standard Chartered[58] • Star One Credit Union[55] • Tas Group[65]• Temenos Group[61] • UBS[57] • UniCredit Group[57] • Volante Technologies[66] • Westpac Banking Corp[58] • Yantra Financial Technologies[67] • Yes Bank[55]

Ripple is thus not a new kid in File Sharing and Online Payments. This is how a long term investment in Crypto Currency should look like.

By Petrus Viviers


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