Saturday, 2 September 2017

To Beast or Not to Beast - 666

Biblical Signs

The 666 Beast 

Facebook and Google 

The Beast is Amongst Us

Actually Facebook marketing is very expensive and time consuming. Finding the sweet spot on where everything comes together takes a great understanding of social media.

Google, Facebook and other media has now taken over our world and marketing has become very expensive and not always cost effective. an Average lead generated on Google will cost you about R37.50.
In real terms it means you will get one related phone call to your very expensive advert and it most likely will not lead to a direct sale. Especially in South Africa where people have very little respect for another person's predicament.
Common sense is being challenged in South Africa. Even amongst your own cultural groups, not even only across cultural divide where people take it for granted that a family unit is 10 Children and three adults.
Here we sit and we think we are purely being spiteful with each other yet we are creating a scenario that leaves each other with egg on the face and red under the collar.


There is the pure bred idiots trying to make life miserabele for every one just because they have the time and resources to do so.


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