Sunday, 4 June 2017

DA vs Proportional Representation

Hellen The Poster Girl of Colonialism

Mmusi - The poster Boy of immaturity 

To deny the influence of history is to disrespect our collective ancestors of the path they walked for us to live in a modern free society. For the general public to pin all atrocities that happened on a single race groups under minds that individual or collectives ability to deal with facts. The Bantu races of the 1500 and 1600 where exploited by the Arab Slave traders. Basically white Boers that are the founding fathers of the white minority group in South Africa has freed slaves since they, the white man, st foot in The New World and in Africa.

Whites has also been slaves for many centuries. To deny that fact is to deny our collective ancestors respect. The path that was paved for the Nguni Tribes migrate South wards into South Africa was a long hard one. For us to deny that Colonialism has brought prosperity to Africa will be blasphemy on the graves of our Collective Ancestors. In any political deviese over centuries we find morons and evil people.

To claim all races are evil because somewhere in their linage some evil person did some evil is a special kind of stupid. This is where Mr Maimane comes in. He is busy to carve the way to fit this bill. South Africa's constitution allows for freedom of speech. Mrs Zille never promoted Colonialism. She merely pointed that some countries that also went through the political arena of Colonialism has embraced it and they use it as a spring boarded to build a rational society remembering the positives that came with it.

She called them more political matured than South Africa. Mmusi walked right into it. He is standing out like a pimple on a pigs female organ above the rest of South Africans Politicians. This will cost the DA a wagon load off votes in the next election. Cry baby ANC has exclaimed how much hurt comes with proportional representation.

Mmusi and his spoils from Colonialism
The DA is about to loose all their mature voters to smaller parties and it will effect their local and parliamentary dominance in the near future. You can put that in your tainted pipe and smoke it Mr Maimane. If it wasn't for Colonialism you would not have that lovely wife and the Children se bared for you. You are denying your child/children and grand children their place in African Sun.

By Bierpens Viviers 
     083 584 7473

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